Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

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  1. No doubt true, though easier said than to do : ) ~ Lily

  2. Ever since I read his books a few years ago I practice this. Sometimes I fail, but I don’t mind failing every now and again, :).

    • And that Marianne is why we are such great friends…because we are as open to failure as we are success…now we don’t chase failure, but when it happens we don’t deny it, blame it one others, or take up an addiction…we face it, declare it for what it is, pick ourselves up, learn from it, and go on with our lives…YIPPEE!!!

      Be encouraged!

  3. Yes. I often remind my clients of this concept: “what’s happening with that person there has nothing to do with me…it’s all about the way they’re choosing to interpret this situation and respond to it.” Great reminder – thanks!

  4. livvy1234 on said:


  5. When I’ve been able to practice that I’ve also learned there is a lot more peace and cheer.

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