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Not worthy…

I'm Not Worthy Women's V-Neck Dark T-Shirt

Cristi at was more than kind of enough to nominate me for this award. If you have a moment please drop by his blog. He posts some wonderful breath-taking photographs and occasionally posts some of the quotes that you’ve seen me reblog here. He and I have conversed, like we all do, via the comment section and he has deeply impressed me with his compassionate and sensitive Spirit. I think of him as a renaissance man and I wish I  had his eye for finding the truly beautiful in this world.

1) If you could change something what would you change? Their is a part of me that wants to say my face (hahaha), but seriously if I could change anything, I would like to be more compassionate.

2) If you could repeat an age, what age would it be? At 15 I left home, I would like to relive that year over, with some major changes.

3) What one thing really scares you? Hands down…death. Now please, I am a Christian, and I know all the theological arguments for why I should not be afraid of death…but it makes no difference…I am.

4) What one dream have you not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it. Having enough money to implement my idea about having Compassionate Elders in the public school systems…I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it…mainly because I find the school systems far too political to want a bunch of loving people walking around hugging the children…but one never knows, and I’m too old and stubborn to give up.

5) If you could be someone else for the day, who would you be? Hmmm…this is a tough one…my first reaction would be to say Jesus Christ, because then all the questions I have would be answered. Then I think of Steve Jobs, so I would know what true innovative thinking would feel like…but I’m not too fond of his rougher, anal side. Then I think about being my Dad, because once again, that would clear up several questions I have. Of course, there is always Lance Armstrong, because then I would know the Truth about all the doping issues swirling around…and it would also be really, really cool to be able to ride a bike as fast as he does. And just recently I’ve been reading a lot of Paulo Coelho, it would be awesome to write like he does…or wait…how about Mozart, to compose music like him!…or Twyla Tharp, to create dance in an entirely new way…or Albert Einstein, so I could understand string theory…I’m not very good at this!

I am going to nominate some folks who have been with me from the beginning…their words are as pure as their hearts.

SPECIAL NOTE TO THOSE NOMINATED-If you do not “do” awards I understand…just know we all value what you write. (CAUTION-Lisa can make you laugh and cry all in the same post…ALWAYS bring tissues and don’t drink anything while you are reading.)

This has been fun…thank you again Cristi for nominating me.

Be encouraged!

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14 thoughts on “Not worthy…

  1. hahaha! Your answer to #1 cracked me up!!! LOL!
    You already seem to possess the most compassion allotted for any one person. I don’t think it would be fair if you were given more 🙂

    Thanks for the nomination, Stephen. I’m glad mine came with a disclaimer, lest someone destroy another keyboard ! haha!

    • stephenedwards425 on said:

      Susie is still a little tense about the black cherry Kool-aid I spewed over the keyboard and monitor…for a while I was forbidden to have drinks at my computer…that crap is hard to get out of the keys…but God how I love to read your posts…be encouraged!

  2. Congratulations on your award! Those are great answers to the questions. That’s a great last question too, I’m not sure I could choose.

    And thank you so much for the nomination for the Reality award — love the acronym! Stephen, your recognition is very much appreciated!

    • stephenedwards425 on said:

      Karen it is the very least that I could do in return for all the hours of pleasure and knowledge you have provided to Susie and I through your posts…blessings to you and your family…be encouraged!

    • stephenedwards425 on said:

      Thanks…I’m never very good at this type of thing, but it is nice to know folks are reading my blog….be encouraged

  3. Congrats on your award! You truly deserve it. Thank you so much for honoring my blog! Hope you are having a great day!

    • stephenedwards425 on said:

      Hi Lily, Susie and I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving…so please tell us…do you celebrate T-Day in Canada, then hoof it down to your Mom’s for T-Day in November?

      …and thank you for the congrats…as far as recommending your blog, well that was easy…you deserved it.

      Be encouraged!

      • Hah no unfortunately I haven’t been home for thanksgiving in 5 years! Bummer, right? I went to college too far away to come home and then I got married and moved to Canada….well, you know the rest. But yes, I did have a great Canadian Thanksgiving! Thanks for thinking of me! 😀

      • stephenedwards425 on said:

        Sounds like it might be time for a return trip to the friendly confines…just a nudge, not a push…hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend…stay warm…be encouraged!

  4. Congrats! And PS>>You are worthy!

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