Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Don’t “like” this please…I can’t find the words to express how my soul aches…all I know is, these are the times when what we write, and how we live, and we speak, and how we care, and how we love mean more than ever…I believe Ms. Todd would want us to be encouraged!

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    I really appreciate your sharing this story, It is a tragic ending. What’s truly sad though, Is it took the life of a talented beautiful child before RCMP initiated investigation. I do pray that no family endures a loss like this. 😦

    • stephenedwards425 on said:

      I didn’t (and still don’t) know how to express how this impacted me…There are so many emotions coursing through my mind/heart/soul at the moment I ‘m struggling to find a way to convey them.

      I deeply appreciate you taking the time to write…I wish there was a way we could convince the children of the world they are wonderful, beautiful, and they should just be kids…then we would all love on them.

      Thank you…far more than you know.

      Be encouraged!

      • andy1076 on said:

        You’re welcome Stephen, My heart sunk the moment she wrote the “Hi” with the heart on it. I just can’t get that image out of my mind.

  2. How painfully sad. I hope it also brings awareness to realize that there are those around us hurting that we sometimes don’t see for whatever reason. We need to stop and listen and really look. Thank you for sharing. All too tragic.

    • It was most difficult to post…and I even thought about asking people to take off one day of blogging in a silent tribute to Ms. Todd.

      We (I first and foremost) need to be very aware of how our words and actions influence others.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment…I always appreciate hearing from you.

      Be encouraged!

  3. It is tragic that this child has lost her life after being failed on so many levels, now is not the time but questions must be asked as to why no one stepped in before this, I speak as the mother of a daughter who was bullied in school and who had to literally scream to make my self heard within her school before the matter was dealt with but as a parent you now when your child in unhappy and do what ever it takes to get to the bottom of what is causing it. Whatever she may or may not have done in childish naivety does not excuse the actions of others nor give the trolls the right to continue the bullying after her death.

    • Kudos to you for “screaming”…maybe more of us need to “scream”… children cannot, nor should they, be held responsible for making decisions regarding sex (in all its forms)…they simply don’t have the wisdom necessary to make those decisions…even if they think they do.

      The sexualization of children is something that needs to be quickly addressed or else I am afraid we are going to have more disastrous consequences.

      Thanks for being a great Mother…blessings to you.

      Be encouraged!

  4. livvy1234 on said:

    This is terrible. We are losing our way. Family? The good old family is out of kilter. Very sad.

    • It is very sad…and by the end of the week…or the month…or the year none of us should ever…EVER…forget that this young lady took her life because of the idiocy of others.

      Sorry about my rant…or wait…maybe I’m not sorry… actually I’m not sorry at all…we all should rant…and rave…then we should get down to the serious business of making this ugly ass world a better place for everyone.

      Be encouraged!…then keep doing all you are doing so we can stop this insanity.

      • livvy1234 on said:

        I agree. Elders are “outmoded.” We let it happen, and we are to blame. The one blog photo you have on your blog has stuck on my mind: CHARACTER MATTERS.

        What character does America have now? Snoop Dog, rap rap, kids wearing pants that are falling down their ass, chopping your own veggies is out, so is cooking decent meals and taking your time doing it. Families are separated, because the corporations did a great job of marketing retirement in Florida or Venezuala.

        And what do the corporations care about family and character? The presidential race is a joke, and I will not vote. Not interested in voting anymore. Both sides are lost in their lawyer language and deck of cards tricks – now you see it and now you don’t play on words.

        The president needs to groove, and what has happened to respect for people of leadership…some are screwing each other to death physically and financially or screwing the world. Lust is rampant for more – gimme more y’all.

        People walk around with dead animals in their belly, and never once look at the suffering caused by their greed thrust upon the saran wrapped MEAT. Millions of animals are killed horrifically in shelters, our kids are fat and snarky, colleges did a great marketing job on “going away to school” and the parents bought hook, line and sinker. Mary baby wanted a new car, and Daddy bought it and pays the bill, and then what about those in poverty? Mama don’t want to clean the house, the socks are on the ceiling, and the toothbrush is under the bed, and candy wrappers are stuck on the carpet the kids draw on with magic markers.

        Gardens go untended, and who wants to water their plants. New town homes are bought by young people who EXPECT a granite countertop, and a dishwasher, because they don’t want to get their manicure messed up, but they don’t have a pot to piss in and are in debt because they studied ARCHEOLOGY IN THE GREAT UNIVERSITY and got a LOAN that they complain they have to PAY OFF and can’t get a job.

        Whose running the show here? The lawyers have screwed up the country with their devious language and cunning ways to mix and mash every law on the books.

        The Constitution is a joke, and Bob gets drunk on beer, while his girlfriend goes shopping for some trash piece of clothing made in some country where people are chopping each other’s heads off with machetes. The material falls apart in the washing machine after two wearings and WHO IRONS anymore. WE use spray on de-wrinkler because who has time to iron.

        We only have time to talk on the stupid computer we carry around and are losing our ability to concentrate on anything – why everyone is getting the Attention Deficit Disorder. Who can read a 400 page book anymore and who really cares about those ARCHAIC authors of yesteryear?

        Who cares if Sandusky rapes 100 boys, and he gets a prize for doing it hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement and we pay for his incarceration while the priests screw the little kids and the POPE talks about saving the world, while his own employee is screwing around with documents and money, and the jewels in the picture of Mother Mary and the guilded gold walls of the Vatican cry out: Jesus Christ have mercy on us.

        The preachers preach and people are running down the street eating each other’s flesh, dogs are skinned alive, and children are neglected. Mama knows best and if you tell her anything or remark on her quality child rearing, she will divorce you if you are the grandma.

        We are bathing in trash news media, and who cares about newspapers, alarm clocks, yellow journalism, and what happens in America. Who has time to read a 2000 page health bill and what bastard wrote it that it is impossible for Joe Shmoe to read and I SHOULD VOTE? What am I voting for?

        EMP attacks are the new threat, and people walk around with plugs in their ears and their heads down tapping like robots on their hand held computers thinking they are cool. What’s cool.

        Who knowingly buys a house with 25 bucks in their pocket and blames the government because they defaulted on their mortgage. Everyone throws each other under the bus, lies, cheats and steals. And what of ethics?

        America, America, my country t’is of thee, how did the richest country in the world come to this? A great cancer plagues the minds of the American.


      • Whew…and I thought I could rant…I bow down…but seriously you raise many interesting points…and very few that I see being addressed by anyone…but as I replied to another comment…I truly believe darkness can only exist in the absence of light…so we need to shine a little brighter…be encouraged!

      • livvy1234 on said:

        Of course we march on. We march on dispelling the darkness if we care enough. That is our path.

      • Your are totally right…”that is our path”…be encouraged!

  5. orepuk on said:

    Une histoire tragique,la noirceur de l’âme humaine.

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