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    Thomas Singer, M.D.

    Super PAC dollars and the insatiable national appetite for the lowest level of pandering at the highest volume make the chances of a substantive debate about our country’s vision and policies of the future highly unlikely in the 2012 Presidential elections. Although so much is at stake, it is still reasonable to ask: why should anyone join the “talking heads” who will be surfing the subject endlessly? Even though the issues and policies will be muddied rather than clarified, there is still something inherently fascinating about this national spectacle which will play more like a Superbowl game than the Lincoln-Douglas debates. The fascination comes from the fact that the collective psyche and its connection to the cultural and collective unconscious are energized with charged emotionality, complexes, and characters parading across the national stage. The elections give us a unique opportunity to consider the state of our national psyche in its confusions, absurdities and deep concerns. What issues will trigger potent emotions in the electorate? Which cultural complexes with their stereotypical thinking and fixed attitudes will shape and determine public opinion? The Presidential elections are a collective x-ray about how we perceive ourselves as a people, what we fear and what we hope for at a conscious and unconscious level.

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