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This is EXACTLY how I feel about all of you who have taken the time to read my posts…I am honored far more than I should be…be encouraged!

I have had a few successes and those are the ones I like to talk about…but I’ve had some spectacular, full flame on, arcing across the sky with a spotlight failures, and I’m not all that fond of talking about them…but I’ve discovered that is where the wealth and wisdom lie.

Kayla does a wonderful job of capturing just how important our failures truly are and aren’t.

Be encouraged!

Gen Y Girl

I’m in a ridiculously good mood today which is odd given that I’ve only slept perhaps a total of 7.48 hours this past week.

My hair’s up in a bun today which tells you that I had MAYBE a whole 10 minutes to get dressed today, if that.

But it’s fine because I still look somewhat decent having put in zero effort which is the goal of any sleep deprived grad school student I know.

Not bad for a Thursday.

But anyway, I’ve had some of the busiest few weeks of my life and I feel like a failure because I haven’t had the chance to sit down and write about any of it.

I get home, see my bed, and it practically calls out to me… for me to just lay in it forever. I listen.

But that’s no excuse.

To everyone who reads this blog and to everyone…

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Pat has a wonderful blog and I often find courage in her posts…such is the case with this one.

Be encouraged!

Source of Inspiration

A nnouncing something is out of balance

N ever attack, use anger to learn

G ratitude for your warning signal

veryone feels anger at times, but not all learn from it

R emember to relax, consider why you are angry before acting

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