Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Brenna has consistently written well thought out, intelligent, reasonable posts full of wisdom and just plain common sense. Throughout her many posts I’ve read I have found her to be gifted at saying what I feel. Her words not only strike an intellectual note, but they are carried on the current of Spirit and Soul. Please enjoy reading.

Be encouraged!


As an introvert, there have been countless times when someone else got the job/attention/raise/praise/boyfriend because they were quicker on their feet, vibrantly outgoing, tireless and more aggressive than me.

If you lose out enough times, you start to feel inadequate or incompetent. There’s a fair amount of shame that goes along with feelings of incompetence.  I should be able to do this. Everyone else can do it. I must be slow/dumb/weak. 

I tend to steer clear of people and situations that make me feel incompetent but every once in a while a bout of inferiority surfaces.  Last week I finished 40 hours of training to become qualified as a Rule 114 Neutral (mediator). During those 40 hours I vacillated between feeling strong and confident and feeling intimidated and unsure. Strange how each day was different.  One day after class I skipped across campus  feeling like Mary Tyler Moore. I…

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  1. Thank you, thank you Stephen. I truly appreciate your kind words. I’m honored you are sharing my post with your readers. I am always encouraged by your personal story and your posts.
    I am so grateful for the writing community I’ve found through blogging. Such a gift.

    • The blogging community is an unique place…a community, yet we are are still cautious…no one wants to reveal too much, for fear of who may be listening, which I understand, but once we have changed the world, then I am hoping we can open a bit more to one another…still I am grateful.

      Be encouraged!

  2. My, you’ve been busy. Thanks for recommending this. Enlightening.

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