Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Once again, Mr. Coleman hits the nail succinctly on the head…if for another reason you should read this reblog because of this line…”People don’t feel beaten up and broken down because of the truth they tell themselves. They feel beaten up and broken down because of the other truths they omit and overlook.”…now folks to that is TRUTH…be encouraged…and thank you Mr. Coleman.

T.K. Coleman's Blog

Truth is what it is independently of how we feel about it.

Our perception of truth may be negative, our response to truth may be negative, but truth in and of itself shows no partiality towards our categories of judgement.

If I cry when I hear the truth, that doesn’t mean truth is sad. It means I am saddened by my own perceived implications of the truth. If I laugh at the facts, that doesn’t make truth funny. It means I am making connections between facts in ways that are humorous to me.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Telling yourself the truth does NOT need to be a discouraging exercise.

If confronting the truth feels like you’re being whacked upside the head with a billy club, it may be because you’re beating yourself up unnecessarily, you’re communicating the truth to yourself in an unhealthy way, or you’re predominantly focusing on those parts of the truth…

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  1. ça c’est vrai ! is truth.

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