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Gentleness is not something that came naturally to me…and some would probably say it hasn’t come at all…but this is wonderful post to learn from…thank you all for taking the time to read it…and thank you David for posting it…be encouraged!

Live & Learn

gentle, kind, big dog-bunny

“Gentleness may have been the first thing I noticed about Joe…I may have noticed his size at about the same time: though he is by no means an enormous man, he was the tallest person in our training, and one of the few men.  Though I believe that he is gentle by nature, I get the sense that he also carefully cultivates gentleness, probably in part to compensate for a tendency to seem imposing.  The intensity of his focus, his fierce intelligence, and his penetrating insight may have contributed to an all-around sense of intimidation, were it not for his warm heart and gentle approach…Joe’s equanimity and gentleness were part of what made me so suspicious.  I felt I was being lulled into something, perhaps made to accept some kind of touchy-feely, New Age pabulum. (Only much later would it occur to me, with a painful shock: somehow I had…

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Folks I have lived this…very hard not feel like life is overwhelming at times…but there is ALWAYS a way…be encouraged!

Bright, shiny objects!

Live Life Quotes, Love Life Quotes, Live Life Happy

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Bright, shiny objects!

Live Life Quotes, Love Life Quotes, Live Life Happy

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I have been here far too many times in my life…but I know I’m the only one…Be encouraged!

Bright, shiny objects!

Chela Davison writes:

I totally thought I was being hilarious. Turns out I was being an asshole. It’s a very strange experience when you realize that the You that’s in your head is not the same You that’s being experienced by others.

While it’s not a major theme in my life, I have, on occasion, received feedback from those who are close to me that I can be flippant and insensitive, that my humor can be cutting and people end up hurt. This hasn’t happened in a long time, but then suddenly it was EVERYWHERE. I wrote more apology emails two weeks ago than I have in the past several years.

I’m identified as being great with people. Because mostly I am. I pay attention, I listen, I care, I’m sensitive to the subtle cues of others and can feel what’s happening for people quite deeply.

But that’s when our…

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