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Children have a special and holy place in my heart…be encouraged!

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Sticks and stones may break their bones But scars from emotional abuse may never heal. Food for thought???

Make no mistake…my girls are my reason for all I strive for in life. And make no mistake, when you attack a child either physically or emotionally….you are changing who they are forever – all children deserve the unconditional love and sense of being a cherished child of God, not an inconvenience, or less important, or inferior, or any less than what they are. They deserve to dance, and sing, and laugh, and feel like the world is a canvas and much is possible. Who are you to steal that away from them to prove a point to makes yourself more important.

Always remember to be nice to children…because one day they will either be a choosing your nursing home, working in one, or both.

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Every once in a while I see something on the internet that provokes me to snorting, hysterical, hee-haw laughter…this is one of those times…enjoy…be encouraged!

Bright, shiny objects!

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