Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Children have a special and holy place in my heart…be encouraged!

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Sticks and stones may break their bones But scars from emotional abuse may never heal. Food for thought???

Make no mistake…my girls are my reason for all I strive for in life. And make no mistake, when you attack a child either physically or emotionally….you are changing who they are forever – all children deserve the unconditional love and sense of being a cherished child of God, not an inconvenience, or less important, or inferior, or any less than what they are. They deserve to dance, and sing, and laugh, and feel like the world is a canvas and much is possible. Who are you to steal that away from them to prove a point to makes yourself more important.

Always remember to be nice to children…because one day they will either be a choosing your nursing home, working in one, or both.

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  1. Children are a precious gift from God. Someone commented to me once about how parents should protect their children. She said, “Don’t mess with Mama Bear’s cubs”. I think of her often, she was a dear friend.

  2. Reblogged this on JUSTICE FOR RAYMOND and commented:

    Our children are our future. It is heartbreaking that some suffer so at the hands of their families.

  3. Thanks for the like of my poem. Please feel free to criticize also–that’s why I put these poems out there–especially if you don’t read or know anything about it. Best>KB

    • You are half right…I read, but I don’t anything about it…I am a very simple man, hopefully without much pretense and poetry has never been “a thing” with me…but I do know what I like when I like it…so while I am not student, follower, or writer of poetry, I do enjoy and deeply appreciate your ability to craft words…be encouraged!

      • If a poem only speaks to other poets then it is a failed poem. A poem more than any other art form–perhaps with the exception of music–should have as its goal to be understood. There can be many levels, but there shoud always be in its construct and inception the parameter of being understood; of crying out to be understood. I would rather have a person who knows nothing about poetry tell me that what they have read moved them in some way than a thousand poets tell me my poem is sublime. Poetry should always speak to the human condition. >KB

      • Well consider your mission accomplished…I look forward to reading more…also going to hit up the archives…thanks…be encouraged!

      • I would be happy to comment at any time, but it might be interesting if you asked me questions about my posings that you have, either way discussing a subject tends to open door like a brothel being raided by the vice squad.>KB

      • Great analogy…and one I can identify with…will be writing soon…be encouraged!

  4. Been a long time as I travel through my 3rd or, 4th childhood. Lost count. Mistreating anyone can change their lives but, children are less able to defend, and mend.

    If it wasn’t for children we would have never gotten this far….

    Forever is a long time, and we will all live forever, until we die so, let’s not hurt, each other.

    • Children are innocent…they don’t have the mental capabilities and reasoning to accept or defend themselves from harsh and cruel words..all they can do is absorb and hurt…thanks Dave, for taking the time to write…it is always good to hear from you…be encouraged!

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