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Sort of Like Responsibility…Part III

Most of you who read this blog know that I am deeply in love with my wife, Susie, and she was/is a major contributor to all that is good in my life. Her love, patience, sweetness, and guidance has been the one constant over the eighteen plus years we have been married. While not every moment of those years has been perfect, the sole reason for them not being was/is me.

During the days of my youth and far too long into what I was calling adulthood, I was always drawn to the darker side of life. If there was so scum to rub in, I was there. Nearly everyone who knew me figured I would end up in prison for life or dead. It just seemed like the way I was headed. She literally saved my life.

Susie is a woman of phenomenal intellect, yet able to talk to any one regardless of their age or station in life. I’ve seen her totally enthralled in conversations with:

  • A five year old short-stop on our Grandson’s Little League team.
  • The Metropolitan Bishop of North America and Australia for the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.
  • The mail lady.
  • A homeless man on the streets of Monterey, California.
  • The lead singer of a death-metal band from Norway.
  • A lady in the nursing home who just wanted her to keep on singing.

She has the type of personality that is rarely flustered or confused and is never mean. Her basic being is happy, compassionate, and above all loving. Even back in the day, my friends would say, “Dude you better quit screwing (okay, actually they used another descriptive word for sexual coupling, but you get the idea) around and marry this one…especially before she realizes what a waste you are.”

She is also, a raging incredible cook, who can make a tasty meal out of nearly nothing. During our early leaner years, I would often look around the kitchen cabinets, pantry, refrigerator, under the bed, and in the glove box and find absolutely nothing…and I mean nothing…no crackers, no bags of chips with only those crunched up little tiny pieces stuck in the bottom corners that nobody ever throws away, no crusty peanut butter jar with the lid stuck tight, nothing, nada, not anything…the great food void.  She would come home and I would ask what we were going to have for dinner, her reply was always the same…”Oh, I don’t know, let me look and see what I can find.” Thirty minutes later she would yell for me to wash up, dinner was served, and it would be this fabulous collection great tasting food, to this day I have no idea how she did it.

During the eleven months and three days it took me to run across the United States, Susie took care of everything. She made contact with our host homes, lined up speaking engagements, coordinated meetings, kept the mileage and rotated each pair of running shoes, doctored my left foot, did the laundry, had the oil changed in our support vehicle, got me breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus multiple snacks each day, dealt with police officers, wrote our newsletter for family, friends, and supporters, gave me a massage at the end of every day, kept track of the total miles I ran, and did all of this without ever once breaking stride. She smiled, giggled and was supportive of my every whim, which I am ashamed to say were numerous.

Susie is the rock that holds her three sisters and their families together. Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all celebrated at our home, with Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day all being rotated. The general family consensus seems to be that everyone simply enjoys hanging out at the home Susie created. Family and friends often remark about how peaceful it is…and it is… because of her presence.

She possesses an incredible singing voice which she has used with our local Philharmonic Orchestra for the past seven years. She also plays banjo, guitar, piano, and I long ago gave up trying to get her out of any music store under an hour, because she has to “try” every instrument in the place. She reads and writes music, like the rest of glance through the USA Today…in other words, with ease. She can identify any song ever recorded dating back to the late 40’s.

She writes poetry and music, pursues photography with a passion, paints (oils and acrylics), writes computer code, runs, cycles, swims, is accomplished in all types of crafts, and lately believes she wants to try her hand at composing a rap song about our new start-up company. I have come home from my travels to find her:

  • Installing a new floor in our laundry room (a complete new floor, she had stripped it down to the stringers, or whatever those boards are called that the first layer of plywood gets nailed to).
  • Hanging new doors in our bedroom, guest bedroom, and one of the bathrooms.
  • Teaching our, then three year old, Grandson how to make guacamole.
  • Putting up new insulation in our book barn (large barn w/climate control that holds 70,000 volumes of books).
  • Creating a new garden.
  • Using a leaf blower to usher a 4 1/2 foot long black snake off the back porch.
  • Changing the oil on all our vehicles.
  • Splitting and stacking wood.
  • Bathing our 165 lbs. Husky.
  • Rearranging all the furniture in our living room (actually she has rearranged all the furniture in every room of our home several times).
  • And last, but certainly not least, I have come home to find a note on the dining room table (where we leave all our correspondence  for one other) that read, “Out for a 10 mile run…your dinner is in the frig…glad you’re home…I missed you…I love you…S.”

I married up.

I married WAY up.

Every good thought you have ever had, as a result of reading this blog, is directly related to her presence in my life.

This post is dedicated to her…thank you Honey…you are my everything. Amen.

Be encouraged!

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20 thoughts on “Sort of Like Responsibility…Part III

  1. OneHotMess on said:

    It sounds like a match made in heaven 😉

    • On her part…my part was conceived a little far in the other direction…but I’ve come around.

      btw…just wanted to let you know how proud Susie and I are of you…you have taken an awesome stand, held your head high, posted your own photo for the world to see, and you are doing it…just thought you might like to know…

      Be encouraged!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Susie. You are, indeed, fortunate. She didn’t marry a man, she married a champion.

  3. After reading this post all I can say is, I want to marry Susie!!! haha! Seriously, I agree with One hot mess, you have a match made in heaven. This was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. She sounds like your sun, moon and stars, Stephen, a healing balm for your heavy heart and a companion for the eternities. I love you both and look forward to the day we can meet and I can enjoy all that amazing goodness. As you know, light attracts light – you married the right person.


    PS – Susie and I have some similarities, especially those last bullet points. Maybe she and I will build a house together one day! haha! I like a girl who knows how to hang a door and put down a sub floor.:)

    • Yes, yes…that is what it is called…a sub-floor…and Susie just stuck her head in the door and told me the big boards that the…ahem, sub-floor…gets nailed to are called floor joists…things are really taking off here at the Edwards’ household tonight…woohoo!!!

      On a slightly more serious note…you are right Susie is my everything…and she is that healing balm for scarred and scared heart that was to hard to love…but she was patient…and she worked with me…she drew me out…and finally convinced me that some good existed within me…it had been a long time since I had thought that…I don’t know how she perceived of any light at all within me…but I am forever grateful.

      Gosh Lisa, I apologize for the length of this reply, it’s long enough to be a post…hahaha.

      Susie and I look forward to meeting you and yours as well…we’ll laugh until I spray black cherry Kool-aid out my nose…hahaha…which incidentally she still bars me from having if she sees you have posted.

      Be encouraged!

  4. losing50laps on said:

    Very kind words. I enjoy hearing about all the happy marriages in the world. I am lucky enough to have one too!

  5. Fabulous Post.
    ‘Teaching our, then three year old, Grandson how to make guacamole.’

    cheers, Gavin.

  6. Such a beautiful post! You guys are an inspiring couple 🙂

    • Thanks Arianna…but the inspiring couple doesn’t inspire equally…Susie inspires 99.99999 and I contribute the .00001…you are the best…thanks for commenting…we always look forward to your thoughts…be encouraged!

  7. What a beautiful post, and what a joy to read about your love for each other. How do I find a “Susie” for myself? 🙂

    • Well first you become so low that dirt looks like a mountain…no seriously I don’t have a clue…I kind of wonder what she did deserve somebody as low-life as me…but then again, i don’t think I really want to know…be encouraged!

  8. Blessed is the man who finds a good wife:) God put you two together for a reason:) Sometimes people learn the most through example.. and Suzy seems like quite a wonderful example! God Bless you both:)

    • Blessed is right…and God did put us together…something I am consciously aware of (and grateful for) everyday.

      Also thanks for deciding to follow…I appreciate everyone who thinks anything I post is worth reading about…the newness and awesomeness of people actually wanting to read about my ideas, journeys, and thoughts still leaves me a little breathless and humbled…I hope that never changes.

      Be encouraged!

  9. I hear you, man. My wife totally saved me too. Love the bumper sticker.

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