Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

I like this post…maybe it is because of the varied font size, but I doubt it…I think I like it because the thoughts expressed are how I feel. I met with a gentleman this afternoon for whom I am doing some consulting work. He has a start-up and since I’ve helped several start-ups he sought me out to help him avoid some of the common pitfalls and help him decide what he needs to focus on. I shared with him my opinion why many entrepreneurs fail…which is they fail to take action. They talk about it, they write about, they discuss it over wine or coffee at really cool little bohemian type bars, but they don’t do it. Take action…and be encouraged!

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  1. I like this too — especially that great picture. I think sometimes digging around causes major discomfort and emotional pain. People avoid looking deeper or behind the curtain because they’re afraid of what they’ll find and they’re not strong enough to face the truth. It can hurt. It can cause anxiety. I understand this. You have to be in a good place and be strong to look some realities in the eye. Ultimately it’s the right thing to do but I completely understand the apprehension.
    Avoidance is a coping defense mechanism that gets employed by the best of us. 🙂

    • I am an avoidance ace…but being married to Susie doesn’t allow for much of that…btw…she and the Gang of Five say hi…be encouraged!

      …oh, and thanks for taking the time to write…I LOVE hearing from you.

      • A gripping life on said:

        Thanks for posting so many cool things.
        I’ve never been an avoider but this past year has caused major upheaval in my life and all of a sudden avoidance is looking pretty good. 😉 I understand it, maybe for the first time.

      • Wishing you all the best…you know we love you…be encouraged!

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