Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

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  1. That’s right! I know this is a cliché, but there really is a silver lining, so bring it on! 🙂


  2. losing50laps on said:

    So true.

  3. When I first began to read your blog, I thought it was a good work of fiction. No one could have lived that life your talk about – and survived.

    I went down the list of titles in your blog and read some earlier ones. Each is interesting.

    I am so anxious to read that book.

    BTW: My son, Ray always carried a card in his wallet with the poem, Don’t Quit. It was one of the things left behind by his “widow”. It was on his desk along with his high school ID card. Both well worn.

    • I understand you thinking my life was fiction…the old saying that fact can be stranger than fiction is especially true when looking at the events that have played out in my life…but as you noted…I survived…and it was truly the grace of God…too many times things could have taken a much different direction.

      I’m glad you found some of my pasts posts to be interesting. I do the writing and Susie, my wife, does all the organizing and archiving. I can never remember what I’ve written, so I have to check with her before I take off into the my version of the wild blue yonder.

      I don’t know how you continue to function and live life in lieu of your personal tragedy…you are an inspiration to all of us…so please…from my heart to yours…be encouraged!!

      PS – Please forgive the delay in replying…small interruption, but back on track…thanks.

  4. Choose to give up, if you must. Sometimes it’s best. Perhaps by, giving up, you have given new hope, and can devote more energy to something new, and better, superseding the previous.

    Just be sure you haven’t chosen an avenue of regret.

    • Give up?…or redirect?…maybe give up is more about the BIG picture…while we make a number of infinite small course corrections in the little picture.

      Please forgive the delay in replying…burning the candle at both ends and in dire need of more wax…thanks…and be encouraged!

      • Sometimes it is giving up on a thought or, action to devote full energy to one better however, we could be on different ends of semantics saying, essentially the same thing.

        A main point here, is to never close off from all possibilities allowing for giving up when, and if it is necessary for an even better result. Sometimes an entire thought or, action gone awry, in favor of an entirely new, unrelated idea, and/or action not necessarily leading to the same result.

      • You are entirely right Dave…I think some of my ex-wives have felt that way…lol…be encouraged!

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