Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

I am reblogging this because it took me a few decades to figure out…I am reminded of Gregg Allman of Allman Brothers fame when asked how he was dealing with his sixth divorce replied (in that voice that only Georgia and whiskey can give you), “Ya know man, I’m startin’ to wonder if it might be me.”…priceless.

Be encouraged!

Bright, shiny objects!

Live Life Quotes, Love Life Quotes, Live Life Happy

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    • I was almost sure you would enjoy that one…hope you and yours are having a great weekend.

      Susie and are hunkered down with a roaring fire, the Gang of Five in various reposed states (except Andy, who is attacking anything that moves, might move, or should move), and Susie just said something about dinner…doesn’t get much better than this.

      Be encouraged!

      • I’m jealous. Sounds wonderful. I have some good news, though. I think I’ve sold my house. I have to wait to make sure it passes the inspection, etc. but if it goes through I’ll be out of Illinois in 30 days and headed for the west coast. Wish me luck, guys!

      • Lisa, this isn’t just good news for you…this is good news for us…and by us I mean the Gang of Five, Susie, and myself…we love the west coast and are always looking for folks who will put us up for free, feed us, change the litter box (Zip & Andy’s request), and show us a good time by taking us to all the great spots and buying us lattes…gosh this is going to work out perfect…we are all excited…hahaha

        We are packing already…

        Be encouraged!

      • A gripping life on said:

        Haha! Hey, my house is your house. You and Susie will always be welcome. Zip and Andy, too.
        I’ll keep you posted!
        Have a cozy night!

      • You are a good sport Lisa…but Susie and I (the Gang of Five will be off defending the free world if we can ever get Andy to wear a cape) may have to drive up your way for lunch at an awesome restaurant before you swing out to the coast…but only if you have the time…we know you’ll be busy…

        Sounds like a lot of great stuff going on…

        Be encouraged!

  1. I like this one… smart! 😉

  2. lazyhippiemama on said:

    My husband has been infinitely patient with me while I learned this lesson.

  3. Couldn’t agree more! 🙂

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