Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

I’ve had a few comments about a blog I reblogged a few days ago. It’s the one about never giving up. As with nearly all of my beliefs I occupy the space between far right, got to do it one way and one way only and the far left of hey nothing matters, it is all cool. This post by Mr. Jiggetts accurately presents my feelings. I think you’ll find it well-balanced, which is something I cherish, but seem to be finding less and less of.

Be encouraged!

Synergy Equity Trust

Quitters never win, and winners never quit – Vince Lombardi

I Never Quit?

Most of us have had a challenge in life that we wanted to quit. But, a little voice in our heads or perhaps a supportive friend said, “don’t quit, you can do it”. Recently, I was in the gym training a client and I was pushing myself to max out on pullups, somewhere around 17 I stated I would complete 25 but by 21 I was ready to quit. I hung there for a few seconds and contemplated giving up but my client said, “Come on Clinton, you can do it, only four more to go” It was at that point that I dug deep decided four more was easy and finished my pull-ups. when we were walking to our cars the same evening he said something very interesting to me. He said, “I’m glad you did…

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14 thoughts on “

  1. Especially at mile marker #22 of a 26.2 Marathon!!!

  2. Good advice. 😉
    Thank you for checking in during the Hurricane… your kind wishes were appreciated!

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes on said:

    A good post on quitting, Stephen. It’s helpful reading such words just when you need them.

    Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the post Stephen. Keep up the great blogging.

  5. it is bad to quit..but depends on what and let’s face it..we all give up on something ..somehow..somewhen..sometimes is ok to give up on things or people who keeps us from moving on.Some people just stand in front of our dreams and u have to let them go in order to be happy and do your thing..don;t u think?

    • Mmmm…I’m not sure it is ever good to give up on people…maybe it is better to just adjust how we go about supporting?

      Be encouraged!

      • it can be..depens on how u’ll define”adjust”..for some people is eassier to let thing go,cause that’s what they call adjustment, others don’t give up on people even if they give up on them..i think the best is always to follow your heart ..

      • I think you are right…that still small voice within does not lie…thanks for taking the time to write…I appreciate your thoughts…be encouraged!

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