Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

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  1. That is so true… and my prayer is that we all move forward into the new…

  2. The present is a mathematical equation consisting of a balance of the past, and anticipated future…..interdependent. We live at least in part because of what we experience, and act upon in the past with hope for our future.

    • Yeah but Dave, I’ve never been very good at math…lol…You are right though…I feel this tension (the word tension is used here until I can come up with a better word to describe the concept) between learning from the past, living in the now, and preparing for the future.

      Be encouraged!

  3. L’expérience du passé doit nous aider à vivre le présent et le futur.

  4. sagedoyle on said:

    I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award, have a look at my site to read about it Thanks for being a dedicated reader! Sage

    • …and thank you for being such a dedicated writer…I’ve been swamped with some extra work I was foolish enough to agree to so that whole dedication thing has really been taking a beating…but hopefully I’m back…will be “officially” accepting the award via some mind boggling post in the the near future…thanks for thinking of me…I am humbled.

      Be encouraged!

      • sagedoyle on said:

        Well I won’t be offended if you don’t get around to it at all, I completely understand it does take a lot of time to follow through with. Just know I appreciate your readership, take some time for yourself 🙂

      • Thanks…I deeply appreciate the grace…be encouraged!

  5. The past is not now so wecan’t live in it….we can only learn our lessons and even that is not a given.

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