Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

I am going to reblog this, not because I am in agreement with every tenet Bonnie puts forth, but because I believe she raises some very interesting questions that we need to ponder. Please take a few moments to read the comments as well, they contain several interesting thoughts…be encouraged!

My Rivendell

Someone I know asked a really tough question the other day.  They were angry about someone who had hurt a child being allowed access to tv, computers and learning while in jail.  The comment was something along the lines of ‘how do they deserve that?’.

The story was disturbing, but the question she asked remained in my head for a long time.  She mentioned that she tries to have compassion for others in her daily life but can’t see how or why she ought to have any for someone who willfully hurts children.  She really just wanted them to feel the pain that they had inflicted.

That’s a tough one.  I had to take some time to think about that because I too struggled with the idea about whether ‘bad’ people deserve our compassion. 

This is what I have come to realize.

There is a difference between an expectation of…

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  1. I don’t really know how much compassion that I could hold for a child molester or murderer for example..I am by nature I believe anyway…a compassionate person. I can be sorry that they perhaps grew up without love or direction and in that sense I have a semblance of compassion…but to choose to follow the path that would lead to such a horrendous act I believe justice must prevail and that there are consequences therefore that they must face. I believe in every ‘soul’ of a person that inside they know how wrong or right something is and they can embrace either….Diane

    • I too believe in justice and consequences, but does that exclude compassion?…I’m not so sure…although the situations you present are indeed tough ones (especially when I think of my little Grandson), yet even the worst among us are capable of redemption…now if we can only get the worst among us to embrace that redemption…be encouraged!

      • Oh I’m not saying they are exclusive of compassion ..I just was being painfully honest and saying that though I consider myself compassionate under most circumstances …I’m just not sure of the extent I could offer in the case in point… For sure we all sin and fall short …Diane

      • I’m completely with you…not sure how compassionate I would/could be if affected by the circumstances you describe…may none of us ever have to find out…be encouraged!

  2. The day we stop asking questions is the day we truly die…

  3. Compassion is a powerful word and one that spiritual teachers use often when they talk about our humanity and connectedness with all things. I believe a criminal should serve his time under the law and still have rights.

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