Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Much Love & Many Blessings

Thank you, everyone, for such an incredible, wonderful, beautiful year. Susie and I (and the Gang of 5) have appreciated every moment you have shared with us, whether it be good or bad, up or down, great or not so great. We have felt a connection to each of you as you shared your lives with us. Truly you all are the best. We look forward to many more years with you.

Much love and many blessings to you and yours…and as always…please…be encouraged!

Susie, Stephen


Jake the Wonder Dog

Callie the Sleek Dog

OC the World’s Smallest Kitty

Zip the Catch Me If You Can Cat

Andy the I Meant It Nicely Kitty

(aka The Gang of 5)

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35 thoughts on “Much Love & Many Blessings

  1. Right back at you!!!
    All my love!!!
    Blessings to you and Susie in the coming year!!!

  2. mirellamccracken on said:

    Happy New Year to you too, fellow blogger and runner.

  3. Happy New Year ! 😀

  4. Happy New Year!!! 🙂 Many blessings!

  5. Here’s to a great 2013! Happy New Year to you!

  6. Anne Macdonald on said:

    Thank you, Stephen, for your great blog. Best wishes coming to you also and I hope 2013 will be happy and healthy for you, your wife and ‘The Gang of 5’. God bless you all. Anne.

  7. Stephen, it’s been wonderful getting to know you too. Have the most wonderful year in 2013! Karen

  8. free penny press on said:

    (For some reason you dropped out of my reader but not my following.. grrr)
    Anyway, have a most wonderful New Year’s Eve and let us all move into the new year will bells on our feet!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  9. And to you, Susie, Stephen, Jake, Callie and OC; a very happy and prosperous 2013…. May all your cups be full…. (especially Jake’s, Callie’s and OC’s… After all, it’s up to you Susie and Stephen to ensure your cup runneth over into theirs…!) 😉

  10. Thank you for your constant support. Wishing you lot’s of Peace and Prosperity in 2013 and always!!

  11. Hello Stephen, thanks for dropping by Mybroom recently, whats happening ?? cheers Graeme

    • Oh my gosh…what’s happening…well I haven’t finished my first book and decided to start on a second…so much of what I wanted to write didn’t fit…so I kept notes and now the notes are kind of looking like a book…nothing quite as exciting as having two books going at the same time…surely there is something in in the DSM-IV-TR that would shed some light on my thinking process.

      I have partnered with another guy to launch a business think tank called, The Think & Do Factory…which so far has been a smashing success…except for the time drain.

      I have contracted to do some consulting work with a manufacturing firm…and I’m still working on my start-up company, LifeRevelation.

      Other than that I sleep…and my wife is very kind to me.

      Be encouraged!

  12. Happy New Year, and I wish you a year – no a lifetime or love, happiness and success!

  13. Stephen, wishing you and yours a wonderful, successful, and peace filled 2013. Thank you, my friend, for including me in your posse. You’re definitely in mine. ~Paul

  14. orepuk on said:

    My best wishes for this new year.

  15. Sending you blessings for same… 🙂

  16. Happy New Year, Stephen! I didn’t know you had a cat family too! All the best to you and yours!

    • Oh my goodness…we DO NOT have a cat family…the cats have a human family…after a hard day of keeping the castle safe from all sorts of criminal intent, they love to dive under the covers on our bed and plot the next day’s activities…at least until they fall asleep…we love them dearly…be encouraged!

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