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Counting and Then Some

In response to yesterday’s post  Counting, Diane at wrote me a short comment expressing how much she enjoyed the content. Although her response was only two sentences long, it hit me like a well swung sledge-hammer right between the eyes…or more accurately straight to my heart. Her second sentence contained this thought…

 I want to be one who takes off the cuffs.

I haven’t though of much else throughout today. What a wonderful sentiment. Doesn’t that sum up what we want to do in life? Doesn’t it accurately portray the type of person we are striving to be?

Yes I want to be the person who takes off the cuffs, the shackles, the things that bind, the things that keep us from being free. I want to be the type of person who helps others unleash their full potential, find themselves, be free, live gloriously, set their hearts aflame, live in Truth, be peaceful, live in harmony, be fruitful, be excited, live long, flow with compassion, race with the wind, breathe slowly and deeply, touch the outer limits, live within, know yourself. taste life. fall in love…do you get the idea yet?

Isn’t that the type of person we all want to be?

So I’ve got this idea…and please keep the eye rolling to a minimum if at all possible…but I got this idea…what if sometime tomorrow…everyone who reads this post…does one compassionate act…it doesn’t have to be huge (unless you want it to be)…smile and wave at a child or an oldster, the person waiting in line with you, riding the bus with you, sitting in the car next to you at a red light…listen an extra minute when someone bitches about work…call your parents and say, “Hey nothing special, I just called to say I love you.”…call your kids and say the same thing. I really don’t care what it is, just do something nice, listen, speak softly and warmly, smile, encourage, inspire, let dead dogs lie.

Tomorrow take off somebody’s cuffs.


Here is what we will be tempted to do…nothing. We will read this and think how wonderful it is and how we should do that…then the crap that fills our lives will rise up and tomorrow we’ll be busy…and other stuff will fill our mind and time…and we will do nothing.

Please don’t let that happen…we all know there are aching hurting people out there…it’s not lack of knowledge that keeps us from changing the world…it is willpower.

So tomorrow do it. 

Be encouraged!

This post is dedicated to Diane for her wonderful words which sent my mind whirling…thanks Diane…you will never know how deeply that short sentence has affected me. I will carry the sentiment the rest of my life.

This post is also dedicated to Lisa at She not only has been a source of remarkable strength, intelligence, and…she will probably snort her coffee through her nose on this next one…wisdom, but she is also filled with grace and compassion which flows like cool mountain air over pine boughs…it is always there and it makes you feel better. Thanks Lisa.

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39 thoughts on “Counting and Then Some

  1. I snorted without coffee!! I’d like to take your comment and carry it around with me where ever I go. Here’s the thing, you’ve been removing people’s cuffs for a while now, a long time. Heck, I would say that your blog is basically a cuff removing station. 🙂 I’m pretty sure Diane, and I don’t even know her, is good about taking cuffs off people, too. If you have that desire and you really understand what that means, then I think it’s likely you’re already doing it. I don’t think there can be more important work than that, Stephen. Even when it’s done in small ways, giving relief, providing hope, encouragement, love, building people up, sharing what you have, lightening someone’s load, etc. is all the Lord’s work. Some of us specialize in being able to see wounded, broken, tired spirits – probably because we’ve been there ourselves. We know the importance of providing comfort and we make that our business. That’s who we are. I recognize these beautiful spirits almost immediately when I see them. Stephen, I’ve always known that you’re one of them. xoxo

    • Yep…this is why I think you are so wonderful…aren’t we a great mutual admiration society?…Susie laughs at us…and also tells me tell you hello…

      A “cuff removing station” I love that! Maybe I could call it “No More Shackles”…whatever, I love doing it.

      Which brings me to another thing I’ve been wanting to talk to you about…Susie and I have co-founded a company called LifeRevelation…catchy name, don’t you think?…we’ve been developing it for about nine months now and we will launch sometime before April.

      LifeRevelation is an unique approach to the old motivational conferences that half the world has attended. Instead of the 4 – 5 speakers who get you fired up with 45 minute speeches then turn you loose, only to fall back into the daily rut, we are using 11, 20 minute segments and a variety of performance artists…without the the falling back into a rut thing. They begin with 4 segments on a woman’s personal life, then segues into another 4 segments focusing on their professional life, and finally we wrap it up with 3 segments involving their spiritual lives. During each of the 20 minute segments we might have a skit, a video, a game, a dance, an aerialist, a magician, a comedian, a trick street bike rider, or who knows, to give a different slant on what we are presenting…think poor man’s cirque du soliel and you’ll be close.

      Susie and I would like to talk to you about participating…but if you’re not interested we understand…or if it isn’t the right time…or whatever…but if something inside of you gets excited about what I’ve outlined give us a shout…

      Be encouraged!

      • Wow!! I think that sounds AMAZING! I would love to be a part of something like that. I’m flattered that you would ask me. I’m so impressed with your inspirational idea – you and Susie are incredible!
        At some point I’d definitely be interested in doing this. I need to re-group a little, given my recent situation, and then, when the time is right, I’ll seriously consider it and contact you – use me in any capacity that works. I predict wonderful things for you and Susie. 🙂
        Blessing to you both!!

      • Thanks Lisa…we will keep you in the loop…be encouraged!

      • Oh, Oh!! I had to jump in here… Lisa, what did I tell you! I have had a clear vision that something very interesting and new was coming your way! I was sure it would be in the helping field, but in a new place. So cool!! Stephen knows talent when he sees it. 🙂 Ok, exiting your private conversation, that is publicly displayed. 😉

      • You may jump in any time to our private/public conversation…now about me being able to see talent…let’s say it is more like “even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes” no offence Lisa…thanks for writing…be encouraged!


  2. OneHotMess on said:

    Sometimes, when you take off your own hand cuffs in front of someone who is some way shackled, you set them free, too. I did that today.

  3. Will try to be consistent in doing so each and every day…and tomorrow for sure!..Diane

  4. Stephen:

    It is very, very good how the exchange of words among us bloggers and others can create such energy. I am so HONORED to have so accidentally said something that was so meaningful to you. I love the way you are paying that energy forward. I am going to do as you suggest tomorrow, and report back to you – so you can see what you started!


    • Alright that is wonderful…but honestly…you started it…I just passed it along…can’t wait to hear what transpires…be encouraged!

      • Not much transpired…just nodding respectfully and smiling at a couple of people I could tell didn’t expect it, and it added net good to the world both ways. Simple, safe, but still good. But, hey, now you inspired me to post based on your post!

      • Excellent!!!…I think that is how creativity and innovation work… absolutely thrilled beyond imagination to be a art of the creative process…be encouraged!

  5. Some are tempted to do nothing. Some are tempted to do too much. We each have our prisons to escape from, but the lessons are learned in the escape process.

  6. If only we could see over the horizon.

  7. I’m a big believer in the notion that we find what we need, when we are ready to find it… I’ve been following your posts for a while (even if Word Press keeps forgetting that and not delivering them)… and today, this speaks exactly to what I am working on. Unshackling, letting go, becoming unattached to outcomes…. but, yes, I want to be the one to take the cuffs off. I don’t want someone else to do it for me. Thanks Stephen. Glad this was here today. 🙂

    • I’m glad you got it…with or without wordpress’ help…we are honored to have your help to change the world…thanks for continuing to read…much love and many blessings to you and yours…be encouraged!

  8. After many years of self abuse( too much booze)…I met a wonderful woman that ended up critically ill. Then I learned to give and help and to pass on what I learned. That was 11 years ago. Now, I try to make loving, learning, helping and releasing a part of my daily life. Thanks for the reminder. it’s always needed!


    • Coach I remember the first blog I read of yours when you announced you were going to stop writing…I went back and read a few of your posts and was deeply touched by your ability to be honest and compassionate…I (and many others) wrote saying how although we understood you had your reasons, we wanted you to reconsider because of the impact you were having in our lives…let me just say it is wonderful to see you still writing…much love and blessings to you and yours…be encouraged!

  9. Stephen, I loved your post and it resonated with me. Actually, I’m sure it resonated with many. And I think that’s the good news! The world is actually filled with a great number of good, thoughtful people that want to take off the cuffs, for themselves, and for others. So, I acted on your post. Two things: I wrote a text to a relative whom I’ve been in discord with, and invited her to dinner — and, I acted on a notion I’ve been working on all week — to visit a neighbor whom I know is lonely and is procrastinating about having a knee replacement — and we had a wonderful visit. I truly feel that it blessed me as much as her. Good feelings, all around!

    • You have just warmed an old man’s heart…to hear you acted on this post is exactly the purpose for writing it…for us (me, most of all) to reach out in kindness and compassion. You are right there are a number of good and thoughtful people in this world…I struggle with whether they are increasing or decreasing, but that is another post…but I do know we need more…I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a difference in this world.

      Be encouraged!

      • I do believe there are many, many wonderful people out there and we are just now getting to know some of them, through this wonderful technology. Way too much time and media are spent on the evil side of humanity, sadly. But it is so wonderful to meet people like you — so many of them — that were raised, and remember, the golden rule!

      • Amen…thanks…be encouraged!

  10. Reblogged this on Starfish Way and commented:
    “I want to be the type of person who helps others unleash their full potential, find themselves, be free, live gloriously, set their hearts aflame, live in Truth, be peaceful, live in harmony, be fruitful, be excited, live long, flow with compassion, race with the wind, breathe slowly and deeply, touch the outer limits, live within, know yourself. taste life. fall in love…”

    Most likely, everyone who finds themselves reading this feels the same way 🙂

  11. optimisticgladness on said:

    This is gripping to me as well. That is how I choose to live my life….to lift people up and not tear them down. If I see someone who has something that I don’t (say they are talented in a certain area, are extremely wealthy or beautiful) I want to encourage them. There are a lot of haters in this world, and I don’t want to be one of them. We have no idea the blood, sweat, tears that it took for a person to achieve their goals….and the world wants to tear them down because they are jealous of them. I want to encourage them. I also want to thank for sending me to you. I look forward to reading your posts! Thank you again!!!!

    • How wonderful to receive your comments…Susie and are so grateful you enjoyed my writing…it is difficult to wrap our heads around events believing that what happened so long ago would have such a profound impact on our lives for decades to come.

      btw…you have a wonderful blog…just flipped over and decided to follow…thanks so much for writing…we appreciate it…be encouraged!

  12. Wonderful post and idea… a random act of kindness sorta thing… I love it. 🙂

  13. Another aspect of this is that many of us have handcuffs that are self imposed whether it be a lack of self confidence or shackling ourselves in substance abuseaddictions. We need to be a friend to ourselves as well.

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