Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Every once in a while someone will cross your path and there is this spark…not a sexual or romantic spark…but a flash of “ah ha”…that lets you know you’ve met another kindred soul…this is what happened when Diane responded to my post entitled, “Counting.” She is a wonderful breath of fresh air, cool water, and refreshing wisdom that brightens my day. She writes with a complete honesty and compassion coupled with power that brings tears to my eyes and hope in my heart. Read her slowly…meditate on her thoughts…let the totality of her wisdom sink in…slowly…and of course, as always…be encouraged!

Ran The Gauntlet

Earlier this week I commented on a beautiful post by Stephen ( His post, Counting (, was about the grace and respect extended to him by a police officer who risked much to remove his handcuffs and honor him with friendly conversation and a meal en route to jail, and the effect that had on the author’s life. My simple comment rang true to him, and he posted again ( Counting and Then Some), including the potential outcome of planting that type of kindness wherever each of us travels in life, using the phrase “I want to be one who takes off the cuffs.” Stephen encourages his readers to “take off the cuffs” in whatever way we can. Yes!

So his post – that prompted my comment – that prompted his next post – has now prompted this post. Got that?

I said that I want to…

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  1. Thank you for getting this conversation started and then reblogging this powerful follow-up, Steve.

    • First of all no one is more surprised than me that folks read, then act on what I’ve written…I am both humbled and honored just to be part of the process…It is the readers that make these posts worth anything at all…thank you for your kind words Jane…I have always enjoyed and cherished your support…be encouraged!

  2. Une rencontre c’est parfois un retour à la vie, passionnante et belle.

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