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Reaching Out For Love

In my home I have started a ritual. Susie has other words for it, but I’ve settled on ritual. It is rather an odd ritual, but before I give you the exact details I want to introduce you to the other participant.

The other partaker of this habitual sacrament is the newest member of the Gang of 5. The Gang of 5 is the nomenclature Susie and I have begun to use to identify our two dogs and three cats, all of whom are rescues. I think of them as our own personal crime fighting super heroes and Susie considers them to be five little, four-legged members of our family. We both totally love on them.

The most recent fellow is Andy. His entrance into our lives began when he was abandoned at a golf course, where I was to give a talk. He appeared early in the day and immediately identified me as a soft hearted sucker with the means to extract him from his current homeless, hungry situation and usher him into a warm home with plenty to eat. He said he was only seven weeks old and had no idea what events had transpired to leave him in such a strange place with uncaring people. A quick inspection around the grounds turned up no siblings or parents, so he came home with me.

My wife, Susie instantly prepared food, water, and a litter box apart from the others so he could make the transition from wandering around a golf course to being a member of the Gang as seamless as possible. Once he was fed, watered and nature had taken its course he began to explore every square inch of his new abode. He was also anxious to make the acquaintance of his new siblings, so anxious that to them he seemed a little forward. Since his only exposure to others was his birthed brothers and sisters he straightway approached the Gang by hopping on them, gnawing their ears, batting at their tales, jumping on their backs, and lunging at them with teeth bared. This type of activity, without the usual warm-up period of sniffing, staring, and lots more sniffing, did not quickly establish bonds of love. Slowly he learned to turn down his enthusiasm (at least a little) and they learned not to be so put off by his willingness to shower them with his type of affection. Hence his nickname, But I Meant It Nicely.

Now back to the ritual.

I awaken usually around 4:30 in the morning and head to the bathroom for my morning constitutional. I will spare you the exact intimate details of what this consists of, but suffice it so say I feel greatly relieved upon finishing. But this has become a sign to Andy that for at least few moments I am anchored in one spot, with time on my hands, and nothing better to do than pet him furiously. He loves this. His little purring mechanism increases by several decibels.

So each morning begins with my alarm making this horrendous loud obnoxious noise, which completely convinces me that it is far better to rise and face the day than have to endure that sound for another go round. Then I grope my way into the bathroom, thankful for the nightlights Susie installed several years ago, and ahem…make myself comfortable. I then hear the pitter-patter of not so tiny feet bounding up the stairs, running down the hall, scratching for traction as he rounds the corner before flying into the bathroom and coming to a skidding stop at my feet. With my first touch he erupts into ecstatic purring so loud that the first few times I heard Susie mumble, “Uh…what’s that…uh…noise?”

The other day I mentioned to Susie how neat I thought it was that every morning, no matter what; as soon as Andy hears my feet hit the tile floor of the bathroom he comes charging through the house like a runaway freight train, careening into the bathroom for morning snuggles with Dad. She smiled and said, “Isn’t that how we all feel about love? Once we discover it, won’t we run to its source as fast as we can every time?”

With a smile I reached out and hugged her before replying, “Yes, Honey it is.”

Be encouraged!

Introducing the Gang of 5:

  • Jake the Wonder Dog – A Jack Russell who looks like a gym rat steroid freak. Seriously, he has muscles everywhere and they ripple as he moves. He was abandoned by a family who got him when he was eight weeks old and the next day decided they weren’t “dog people.” So he came home to us, but he is 100% Mommy’s dog, they are completely inseparable. He refers to me as “what’s his name.”
  • Callie the Sleek Dog – A 13 year old Huskie who came to us tipping the scales at close to 200 pounds. Through diet and exercise she is now down to a svelte 125 and lookin’ good. She has been through several homes, but she is beginning to move very slowly and emits small groans as she gets up. We make her as comfortable as possible. Our home will be her last.
  • OC the World’s Smallest Cat – She is an all-black, incredibly tiny cat whom we discovered one morning under our front porch in the middle of winter. At seven weeks old she was cold, hungry, and scared of the world. She is now a little ball of love muffin.
  • Zip (aka Snowball) the Catch Me If You Can Cat – She was abandoned in our daughter’s suburb, and knowing of our great love for furry little creatures, she immediately brought her to our home. She sprints throughout the house and for a brief instant we considered calling her Flash. As I type this she is laying, curled up, on top of my feet.

Susie and I love on them exactly as we would any member of our family. We talk to them, hug them, love on them, pet them, and shower them with all kinds of affection. They do the same in return. It works well for all of us.

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27 thoughts on “Reaching Out For Love

  1. Oh my goodness. I feel as though I know them all – so precious. Little Andy must be so relieved and happy to have found such a loving home. God bless you and Susie for your love of all things furry with four legs. I love that gang of yours!

    • …and lets not forget to be thankful for Susie’s love of one thing with only two furry little legs…teehee…there is probably a good reason why I my professional comic career never took off.

      Good to hear from you Lisa…we hope the weather is better where you are…we are currently in the midst of a torrential downpour that has been going for a couple of hours…with a metal roof it is wonderful, but we worry about the possibility of any of our trees giving up the good fight and toppling over…happened once a couple of years ago…what excitement.

      As always, much love and many blessings from this household to yours.

      Be encouraged!

  2. Aw, reading this was like warming my hands at the hearth – it felt wonderful 🙂

  3. free penny press on said:

    I had pets as a child, then while married never had any.. odd.. but after my divorce I got a small black doggie no one wanted..Jack Black is my bestie friend.. he loves me, is appreciative ( as long as the water and food bowls are full) and is just a joy.. You and Susie are indeed surrounded by 5x the amount that I am so I know there is alot of joy in your home 🙂

    • There is a lot of joy…and we are forever grateful…they cause us to laugh even when Zip decides to rearrange some of our files, OC decides the whole world is simply one big scratching post, Andy can’t wait for you to finish changing the litter box so he uses it when you are not quite half way done, Callie decides walking any more than three inches off the back porch is too far to go before squatting in the flower garden to relieve herself, and Jake takes it upon himself to coat his entire body in horse manure from the pasture at the end of our road…trust me…there is never a dull moment…but we love them…be encouraged!

  4. We have had 8 pets over the past 30 or so years…and of those 8 …1 was from a shelter, one abandoned in the fields, one we took in as a stray pregnant with kittens for which we found homes for all her kittens and kept her and one abandoned at our veterinarian’s office…

    They have all been wonderful pets, but the ones who had no semblance of hope were somehow I think more ‘grateful’ . I wrote a lonnnggggg blog about them soon after I started blogging but it was mainly for me I wrote it kind of in memory of all of them except our one little and probably last pet we shall have as we are older now and wouldn’t want to leave them or have to give them away to strangers.

    Your ‘nomenciature’ seems like a loving group….Diane

  5. Delightfully written!

  6. I have become known has Cat woman to my children, not because i have a svelte like body but because i tend to collect the neighbourhood strays. They always seem to know when there is a vacancy and amble along for food, shelter, warmth but most of all for love. At the moment i have 2 cats both Thomas Montague and Tinkerbelle. I think Thomas is about a year old and Tinkerbelle probably about 5 maybe. Its all a little guesswork when you have been brought in from the street.

  7. Stephen, what a beautiful story full of love. It made me go, aaaahhhhh…. :). You and Susie are great role models, and the gang of five just makes me smile. I would love to have a dog, I’ve told this before, but unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment. One day…

  8. livvy1234 on said:

    I have a rescue from a high kill animal shelter now…one month we are working together. Although he is only 9 pounds, he is Fido Feisty! The vet thinks he is about 10 years old. He is a very gentle dog, but emotionally anxious around cars and people he sees walking by in the street. I started taking him to a behaviorist at my vet, but it did not work because he really needs time to “just be.”

    I have no idea what happened to Barney in his past life experiences, but he is mine forever…however long that is. He gets along well with my other two dogs. I enjoyed reading about your pet family.

    • Our heart goes out to Barney…just love on him…it will cure a multitude of issues…just like it does for us humans…thanks for writing and giving us a peek into your life…much love and many blessings to you and the brood…be encouraged!

  9. Little Slice of Heaven on said:

    Awe what a great little family. I have my cat named Molly who I love dearly. Before she came to my family she was a street cat so now she’s spoiled as she deserves. 🙂

    • Spoiling them is the best part…and as you noted…they deserve it…we can not imagine what their lives must have been like before finding love and comfort…thanks for taking the time to write, it is always wonderful to hear from you…much love and many blessings to you and your son…we think of you often…be encouraged!

  10. You are very lucky people for such loving creatures to have found you. 🙂

  11. There is no denying our four-legged friends are members of our family. Sounds like you have a handsome bunch. I like pictures (hint, hint). I’ve had five cats in the past thirty years and everyone of them has come from either the animal shelter or the SPCA. I swear rescued animals know…

    • They do know…and I believe if we listen very carefully they will tell us all about ow grateful they are…Susie says I’m crazy…but they sure seem to like me…maybe it is because I listen…be encouraged!

  12. You have a very giving heart…blessings to you my friend.

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