Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Some times we focus too much on doing…which is important…but there are moments when it is good to just not worry…be encouraged!

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  1. For a second when I read the author of the quote, I thought it said Helen Keller! I was going to say, why is she using a steering wheel analogy!! LOLOLOL!!!

    Oh my gosh. Sorry to inject humor to this wonderful message. It’s good not to worry. I completely agree with this. Sometimes we need to be reminded.

    • Now that is funny…snort, snort, snort…I’m a big believer in humor healing…always good to hear from you, Lisa…be encouraged!
      btw…sure you don’t want to co-author a book…I’ll give you half of all the earnings…which at this point adds up to big fat zero…some days writing is just a, I mean difficult…hahaha…be encouraged!

  2. I am glad I stopped by for the great quote and some excellent humour.

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