Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

I am more cautious now…

This post won’t contain any catchy stories (as if any of mine ever are), nor will it be witty, charming, or dramatic  This will be just the plain, ordinary words of someone who has learned a few lessons in life the hard way and feels compelled to share what little wisdom those lessons have generated.

Susie and I have a wonderful old fashion fireplace in the living room. It is surrounded by a couple of comfy chairs and a sofa that has the ability to lull me to sleep every time I curl up on it. So let’s imagine we are sitting there with our warm teas and the dogs and cats are stretched out in front of the fire, so close you can not help but think about the possibility of spontaneous combustion. The lights cast a low warm yellow tinged light that recalls the old style kerosene lanterns with the glass chimneys. From the kitchen you can faintly hear the comforting notes of a Brahms’ lullaby. We are relaxed and the conversation has that low tone which comes late at night when the cares of this world have receded and the walls we cling to so furiously during the daytime are only a distant memory.

Our conversation begins…

There was a time when I threw caution to the wind. Caution, what was that? An antiquarian concept that had long out lived it’s usefulness . Caution, if it still existed at all, was something for the timid, the weak , and the needy. It was for those who knees shook when they looked into fear.

Caution had no place in my world. A world dedicated to my wishes and desires. I could act anyway I wanted. I was above it all. The rules didn’t apply, nor did the laws, or morality, or ethics. Those were silly childish concepts man had conjured up for those who couldn’t handle reality. They were crutches used to support those who couldn’t or wouldn’t stand on their own two feet. I was a self-made man. Without a high school diploma, I had built a business that supplied me with enough income to live, as a popular TV of the era proclaimed, “The lifestyle of the rich and famous.” even if I was having to constantly look over my shoulder for the long arm of the law.

Caution…I spit on the word.

It has been many years since I lived that life or felt that way. I’ve been brought down from my once lofty perch by the realization I was a fool. The reality I once thought others were too weak to handle was no reality at all, but just a world of smoke and mirrors, propped up by lies and deceit. I found that looking into the mirror and being able to look back brought rewards far greater than the riches I once coveted so wholeheartedly.

My world is much different now. I clearly see the errors of my youth. I find strength and contentment in the “little” things of life now. I am happiest when I get to sit by this fire and talk with good friends about what my heart feels.

I live a quiet, simple life now. I try to do good to others. I covet the silence that living in the midst of the woods brings. However, most of all, I enjoy the returned smile of a complete stranger, I cherish the laughter of a child, I am in awe of the grandeur of life, I never tire of hearing my wife profess her love for me, nor do I consider it a burden to return that love, I feel encouraged by the love I receive from you my readers, and I hold precious the time I spend with my Grandsons Matt and Hayden.

I see the wisdom in being more cautious now…and I’m grateful I do. My eyelids are starting to droop a little and I can feel warm sleep starting to creep into the edges of consciousness, but before I leave I want you to know just one thing…I have truly enjoyed sharing this post with you…and the prayer of my heart is that each one of you will find true peace, contentment, and love in your life…I’m going to bed now…and even if I never have the privilege of making your acquaintance in this life…know that I love you just the way you are…good night…please turn the lights out as you go…and be encouraged!

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43 thoughts on “I am more cautious now…

  1. Hindsight is 20/20 eh? Great post!

  2. What a beautiful post and divine life…Thanks for the inspiring share!! xo

  3. OneHotMess on said:

    I love it when you write, Stephen. Give my love to Susie, too! Night!

  4. Oh boy, I just love this. Isn’t it wonderful to live long enough to see your life turn around and then be able to impart those lessons to those you’ve come to know and care about? I’m so glad I know you, Stephen. You touch the lives of all of us and inspire or ENCOURAGE us to be better people. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. 🙂
    Sweet dreams to you and Susie and the gang of five!!!

  5. I so like your stories, Stephen. I don’t think that I was ever as daring, brash, or self-assured as you may have been in your youth, but I sure can relate to how you are now. Simplify, be grateful, appreciate… those things resonate. Thank you. I hope you and Susie had a Lovely Valentine’s Day. ~ Lily

    • Thanks, Lily absolutely awesome to hear from you…the daring, brash, and self-assured were more like fake, hope-I-don’t-get-caught, and oh-god-what-the-hell-am I-doing…all images conjured up by someone who had become an expert and bluffing his way through life….but ahhh now…so much easier to breathe.

      As far as Valentine’s Day…well that is a post all by it”s self…I knocked off early and came home to surprise Susie, but she had accepted dinner plans from one of her women friends who is recently divorced and didn’t want to spend her first Valentine’s Day alone…so I had Valentine;’s Day dinner with the Gang of 5…they loved it.

      Be encouraged!

  6. That’s a very special post to share….thanks …Diane

  7. C’est très bien continu.

  8. What a wonderful post – touching and poignant! There is something very down to earth and serene in your words…wrapped like a warm blanket around me. Thank you very much for this – what an absolute pleasure to read 🙂

    • So glad to hear you enjoyed it…it has been cold here recently in our neck of the woods…the fireplace is getting much use and the Gang of 5 (2 dogs and 3 cats all rescues) love it when the fire is hot and we are all gathered in the living room…so I thought I would let this post reflect some of the soul-joy I receive when it is near the end of the day and the house is quiet, the lights are low, and the warmth seeps into my bones.

      Be encouraged!

  9. Sir, you truly are a happy man.. This post was very soothing, and calming for me. I thank you. I even played Brahm’s lullaby on Youtube to listen while reading. Perfect match!

    • That is sooo cool that you tuned into a Brahms’ lullaby as you read…I love it!…thanks for making my day…my next post I’m trying to think up of something that goes along with the Allman Brothers Band song Whipping Post from the Live at the Fillmore East album…hahaha…much love and many blessings to you…enjoy the weekend…be encouraged!

  10. pinklightsabre on said:

    That’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing Stephen – I was thinking about you, and your son leaving for Afghanistan if I’m correct? I wish you and your family well, and warmth by that-there fire!

    • Thank you…yes Josh leaves for staging in New Jersey on the 20th of this month…then 2 weeks later he departs for Afghanistan…his current orders call for him to be there for a year…I’ll be glad (massive understatement!) when he comes home…he has saved up a few bucks and is talking about getting out when he comes home…wants to buy a boat and start a deep sea fishing charter based out of Homestead Beach…it will be great for me to go down and let the sun warm my bones…thanks for asking about him…much love and many blessings to you and your family…be encouraged!

  11. Lead Our Lives on said:

    I am inspired by people like you who are expressing their hearts in much the same way that I seek to. I am inspired (and not surprised) so many bloggers that I follow apparently follow you as well. Thank you for inspiring me. I am nominating you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Keep writing…and inspiring. 😉

    • Thank you for the nomination…You just don’t know me very well yet…hahaha…But seriously I hope we can continue to be a force of positive change…I’m grateful you took the time to write…be encouraged!

  12. yogawithmaheshwari on said:

    Beautiful post. You are a gifted story-teller!

  13. I am so glad I got to read this. It touched my heart. Thank you for sharing this.


  14. Beautiful post. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing it with us! 🙂

  15. Pingback: 5:23 am. And Inspired. – Lead.Learn.Live.

  16. And encouraged we are!

  17. Thank you for the wonderfully wise words…put across so simply 🙂

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