Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

“…just to be alive is a grand thing.”…it might not always exactly feel that way…especially when we encounter the miserable and sorrow…but it is…it really is…be encouraged!

a grand thing

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  1. I have this same quote!! Love it.

  2. It is a grand thing indeed and we should appreciate each moment we have. There are too few to waste any of them.

  3. Yes, life can be really, really, trying some days. But…like my twitter account says…”Contemplating the sheer wonder of life, sunshine on my face, and a warm gentle breeze.” Of course it is NOT warm here in Indiana today. But, it IS March and spring is officially around the corner. As Stephen says, “Be Encouraged.”

    • …there are those moments…but you are right about the sheer wonder, warm sunshine, and gentle breezes…I’m waiting on Spring…thanks for writing…I always like to hear your thoughts…I love you…s.

  4. This is the first time I have read this quote, I agree whole heartedly. I have even *slightly* enjoyed the sorrow and sadness when I have experienced it, it humbles me to feel, anything at all 🙂

    • It is humbling…been there myself a few times…I try to savor those moments when I’m experiencing them…to draw out the wisdom and learn to cherish even the painful…thanks for taking the the time to comment…I appreciate you sharing your thoughts…be encouraged!

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