Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Although I’ve seen this gentleman before, I cried just as hard this time as I did the first time. Nick will leave you speechless…and allow you to see those issues that “block” your life in a whole new light…be encouraged!

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  1. OneHotMess on said:

    Sobbing…I am sobbing and so grateful for grace! Thank you!

  2. That’s so incredible. Clearly it was not an accident that he was born that way. God did that on purpose so Nick could go on to inspire so many people. Praise God! He is good. All the time, He is good. And Nick is truly blessed. Such an honor to be used by God.

    • This is why I worry when we abort babies not formed in the way we believe they ought to be…or we discount the contribution those “special people” make…or we turn from those who are troubled, aching, and in pain…could this be what Christ meant when he referenced the hungry, the homeless, and the imprisoned as Himself?…be encouraged!

  3. Awesime, I needed the reminders right now. Thank you for posting.


  4. I’m speechless..

    • I completely understand…as I watched it I just sat motionless with tears rolling down my cheeks…how can you not feel touched?…thanks for taking a moment to share your feelings…I appreciate it…be encouraged!

  5. This is amazing thanks for posting it up. I’m actually reading Nick’s book right now – Life without Limits, and I want to say again, thank you for sharing this with me 🙂

    Your friend,

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