Life is a Revelation…be encouraged

Last year I wrote several posts about the value of Truth and the inherent harm of lying…this post is an extension of those thoughts…be encouraged!




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  1. I remember your wonderful posts on values ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to take some time and revisit them, thank you, Alexandra

  2. I wish more of humanity took ‘truth’ and ‘honesty’ to heart

    • I do too…and why they don’t is one of those things in life that as always mystified me…I mean I understand it is hard at times, but OMG how much harder is it to always be trying to keep the lies straight, hope no figures them out, and covering your backside?

      Thanks for taking the time to write…absolutely always wonderful to hear from you…much love and many blessings from all of us to you and yours…

      Be encouraged!

  3. I’m a firm believer in the notion that some things are better left unsaid. The hard part is discerning when to keep quiet.

    • I’m right there with you…definitely been moments in my life when it would have been more beneficial if I had kept my trap shut and just let people think I was an ignorant ass, than start talking and remove all doubt…hahaha…be encouraged!

  4. Love this – very true. I am certainly encouraged by this and is food for thought.


  5. There is no effective way to lie because, as you make the attempt, you leave another pathway to the truth. I know, I’ve tried, and in recent years have spilled it, as-is, never having to cover my tracks.

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes on said:

    You should have a t-shirt made ‘BE ENCOURAGED!’ and sell them.

    Every time I hear that now, I think of you. No0-one else can say that without me thinking of you.

    Would love to hear in your blog more how YOU are Stephen. Is that too demanding? I don’t know, I don’t feel I see you enough… or maybe I haven’t looked through enough categories. … Hmm.

    • Thanks Noeleen…you may be onto something there with the “be encouraged” T-shirt…I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it…seems like it might actually fly…hmmm…now as far as more of me is concerned…gee I don’t know…I worry about seeming to an egotistical blow-hard who just wants to toot his own horn and listen to the sound of his own voice…I’m not very fond of the the spotlight being on me…in marked contrast to when I was younger when all I wanted was to be center stage and have everyone notice me……but now I kind of like moving behind the scenes…but I’ll think about it…much love and many blessings to you…be encouraged!

  7. Iยดve nominated you!

  8. Very inspiring!

  9. jakesprinter on said:

    Great post Stephen ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Such a cool picture.

  11. Motivation with awesome photo!

    • The photo rocks…I think that is what they mean when they say “professional photographer” rather than someone like me who rolls down the window, hangs his body out, and snaps the photo with his iphone while managing to get at least two fingers in every picture…hahah…be encouraged!

  12. My Tropical Home on said:

    I’m with Noeleen ๐Ÿ™‚ would love to hear your own thoughts and revelation about life and stuff.

    Thanks for this one. A good post.


  13. tutankhamon61 on said:

    Good publication.

  14. Stephen, I told you a long time ago that I would let you know when my book was published! Well, it finally is! Search “101 Tips for a Happier Marriage” on Amazon. (Don’t be discouraged that it says for “Catholic couples.” That’s because we happened to end up with a Catholic publisher. It’s a beneficial book for ALL couples!) Thanks for checking it out! Be encouraged! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. You are a wisdom people… ๐Ÿ™‚ I like this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Being truthful is easy…lying not so much. I pick truthful. Just like smiling…smiling is easy…frowning not so much. I pick smiling! Best, Koko ๐Ÿ™‚

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